The Indigenous Footprint. Tufts Observer. October 15, 2019. A call to action for Tufts University to acknowledge its presence on indigenous land and next steps for reparations for the indigenous communities harmed by the institution. This piece was referenced by a coalition of indigenous students in front of the Tufts Community Union senate for a "Resolution Calling for Tufts University to Create an Official Land Acknowledgement, Increase the Amount of Indigenous Presence on Campus, and Raise Awareness of Tufts History with Indigenous Peoples". The resolution was passed.
Complementary Forces. Tufts Observer. December 9, 2019. An opinions piece where I discuss how science and religion can work an unison.
In Silence. Tufts Observer. April 9, 2019. A reflection on the Christchurch terrorist attack and growing up Muslim in America.
Claiming Our Insights. Tufts Observer. February 11, 2019. A critical look at the allyship of Asian-Americans on Tufts campus and in the country—a call to dismantle anti-blackness within Asian-American communities.
Where Our Memories Live. Tufts Observer. February 5, 2018. An ode to my mother’s mother, and coping with losing a loved one to Parkinson’s.
AI In Our Image: How Technology Reflects Systemic Biases. Tufts Observer. November 20, 2017. A questioning of the future of artificial intelligence created by those in positions of privilege.

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