Green over Greed: Solar and Wind Sociotechnical Suitability Analysis in West Virginia
West Virginia has traditionally been underserved as the transition into the green economy begins. It is important for a feasibility study to be conducted that combines both social and technical aspects of the transition into consideration. These factors were: existing jobs in coal and gas, distance to transmission lines, solar groundmount photovoltaic potential, and wind suitability. I presented my findings in poster format and as a report. The report details methodology. 
Transportation Accessibility Impacts in Boston 
In this project, my partner and I visualized inequities in transportation in the Boston area given propriety data from Conservation Law Foundation. My partner focused on the regression component of this project, however, I completed all visualizations using the web mapping tool, My component of the project specifically looked at the plight of essential workers in Boston including where they live (based off of census data), their access to transit to go to work (combined with their likelihood to take transit, based off of census data), and comparing where COVID-19 cases are in Boston to essential workers populations. This report displays all of my visualizations, as well as methodology. If you want to view just the visualization component, and play around with the layers, you can download this html file and open it on your preferred browser. 

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