2020-2021: Independent Study, Professor Jon Lamontagne 
I am currently conducting an independent study with my advisor, Professor Jon Lamontagne on the Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy Model. In particular, I will be highlighting risk and uncertainty, as well as optimization. We will explore alternative pathways to a carbon neutral society, capacity and distribution expansion, and social equity implications in different scenarios. Given the intentional focus on climate change and clean energy infrastructure development, this independent study directly aligns with the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering program.
Summer 2020: Professor Shan Jiang and Professor Justin Hollander
I was brought on as a Research Assistant for both Professor Jiang and Professor Hollander in Summer 2020. Under Professor Jiang, I assisted a masters candidate on her thesis, exploring the linkage between bike share networks and segregation in four major metropolitan areas. Under Professor Hollander, I assisted in making complex visualizations as a result of machine learning models which predicted open and public spaces to be neutral, beautiful, or not beautiful. These visualizations were created to be published in a peer reviewed journal. 
Winter 2019: Professor Deborah Sunter
My first research experience at Tufts was with Professor Sunter, formerly in the Mechanical Engineering department. That year, Professor Sunter published an article in Nature Climate Change regarding the disparities in solar installation by race. My project was a small extension on this, adjusting her developed model to look at the implications for multifamily dwellings. I specifically analyzed dwellings in Texas and California, both with pre existing multifamily solar incentives. As a result of my research, I was selected to be one of the only undergraduates to present at the annual Tufts Energy Conference (through the Fletcher School) and I also presented at an international research conference at Arizona State University. 

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